there is no space to keep anything that you may want handy on a flight, like your personal bag with your documents. the seat is tight, felt like I was in a casket in a straight position. small seat, narrow, short, poor support. the crew used the "space" as their holding area for cabin trolleys n people would stand around u waiting for the lavatory. no fun. i'm over 6' tall.
* Administration fee of $1. Only available on Sunwing Airline flights.*Inflight services vary by flight time and destination. Award-winning inflight service is applicable on all flights to the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico. For USA flights and flights within Canada click here for inclusions.*Complimentary 23kg baggage allowance applies to first checked item of luggage only and cannot be shared across multiple pieces of luggage. Complimentary checked baggage allowance is available on all flights booked as part of a vacation package to the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico as well as cruise vacation packages. (Complimentary baggage allowance does not apply to flight only bookings, luggage fees apply)
Some trains have seats in open-plan saloons, indeed most modern trains have this sort of seating.  Some trains, often older ones and often in eastern Europe, have seats in traditional 6-seater compartments with a side corridor running the length of the car.  There are sliding (but non-lockable) doors to each compartment.  Very occasionally you'll find both sorts of seating on one train, and some booking systems (such as the German Railways site or Austrian site will ask you which you prefer.  Unless you're in a group of 5 or 6 people, most travellers prefer open-plan saloon seating, which also gives you a better view out as you can view diagonally forwards and backwards through all the coach windows, not just directly sideways through your own window.
✅ Trip Verified | Boeing 787 seats are extremely uncomfortable. Seat padding is thin and you can feel it on your back. On the other hand seat pitch and width is too tight. Basically this aircraft was designed for 8 abreast but airlines have squeezed 3x3x3 adding an extra seat. Aisles are so narrow that you continuously get bumbled by trolleys/passengers. Avoid this aircraft and try to use Airbus 330/350 if possible, because fuselage is about a foot wider with same number of seats
✅ Trip Verified | The most uncomfortable long haul flight I have been on. I was seated in row 38, an aisle seat on the Boeing 787-9. I am fairly close to average size (barely 6 feet tall and 185 pounds), so not tiny but neither am I a giant by any means. My knees were just about touching the seat in front of me, the seats are very narrow, and thankfully the passenger seated in the middle seat was not large but he did fill the seat and needed all his elbow room. The seats are very short, offering little or no support to the thighs. This adds to the discomfort, particularly on a long flight. I could not stretch both my legs out fully at all while seated. Trying to use some of the aisle is next to impossible due to the extremely narrow aisles. There is barely room for the refreshment carts to pass. I spent a great deal of time on the flight moving my arm and shoulder inwards as the carts and other passengers were passing and bumping into me and there was no space. Seat backs are very thin and offer no support either. Due to all the factors mentioned, I found sleep to be impossible. The passenger at the window seat managed about an hour's sleep but basically had the same complaint, and needed muscle relaxers for her back towards the end of the flight. Anyone getting out of their seats found it necessary to pull on the seat in front of them for balance and leverage. For relief, I got up to stand and stretch at the rear of the plane 3 times on the eastbound flight and 4 times on the westbound leg. Also, on the outbound flight, our connection was a little late so we went straight to board our London flight without buying snacks, etc. Be warned, we found out on board that in economy you cannot buy snacks. You have to content yourself with the dinner and continental breakfast and I think you get a very small bag of pretzels with a drink. Cabin is beautiful. The in-flight entertainment system was excellent, although some people were asking why wi-fi was not available. The selection of movies, TV programs, and interactive games was OK for me. In summary, I will do everything I possibly can to avoid using this aircraft again. If it even means connecting through another city, I will do it. Three days later, I am still feeling the effects.

✅ Trip Verified | This review is based on exit row 31 on the Boeing 787-8. I was in seat 31J from Vancouver to Brisbane, a nearly 15 hour flight. I specifically chose this seat due to the extra legroom it provided. On this particular flight it was $150 extra to select the seat as it is classified as preferred (not to be confused with premium economy). When we boarded the plane there was a small overhead bin above our row that was able to fit all of my and my partners bags (2 backpacks, a suit bag and a shopping bag of snacks) as we were unable to store anything for takeoff. I was expecting brief instructions from one of the flight attendants on how the emergency door worked as we were right beside it however this never happened, I assume because there was a flight attendant jump seat facing us on the other side of the exit. Once the flight took off and the seatbelt sign was off we were able to get a few things from the overhead bin above and had no issues from the flight attendants storing the on the floor, we just made sure there were right against our seat so as to not block the emergency exit. The tray tables were in the armrests which made it difficult to get too if the person beside you was asleep with their arm on the opening. The entertainment screen was a folding arm below the armrest that swung up in front of you. For me it was not high enough and it did not quite sit centred in front of you which was slightly annoying.There were also 2 power supply outlets located on either side of the middle seat, nearly at the ground. I consider myself a tall with an average build (190cm 90kg, 6' 2" 200lb) but the seats were exceptionally comfortable compared to other economy seats. The recline was average and the moveable headrest was ideal for someone as tall as I am. With the new 787s the seats recline in a way where your seat moves forward slightly when you recline the back. I can see this being an issue when you already have limited legroom, but for this seat it was a nice touch as it seemed to be more comfortable than just the back reclining. The extra legroom was the true winner though. You basically had unlimited legroom as the next row of seats was about 1.5 to 2 meters away. I could stretch my legs out as much as I want and with the unique way the seats recline I believe it was the most comfortable you could be trying to sleep in a seated position. The biggest downside was that in the centre was the washrooms, one on each aisle. Although you could not smell anything for the duration of the flight, the door was quite loud when people let is slam. Also people would line up for the washroom in the area directly in front of you. At one point in the middle of a deep sleep a gentleman tripped over my legs as he was waiting in line and fell right on top of me! Other than that the flight went smoothly, I just put some earplugs in and that drowned out most of the people, children and washroom door slamming. I managed to get about 10 hours of sleep in 2 different periods, which made the 15 hour flight fly by.

✅ Verified Review | I am 5'4" and normal weight. We were in row 30. We found the seats to be extraordinarily uncomfortable; little in the way of cushioning and no lumbar support. The seat pitch was terrible, they are too close together. I was unable to see or reach my belongings with my tray table down. This is particularly bad in the window seat. If you are on the aisle you can pull your belongings out to the side to reach them. If the seat in front of you is reclined it is in your face unless you recline yours too--creating a domino effect behind the first reclinee. We do not like the nickel and dime attitude of charging for seat selection ahead of time. On this flight from Portland OR to Toronto the charge is $45-46 for 'premium economy' (it did not look like seat pitch was noticeably better in these seats in front of the wing), and $21 for regular economy behind the wing. If you don't pay to choose a seat ahead of time, AC assigns you seats 24-hours ahead of flight time. Our seats were assigned by AC. We did get to sit together, but in row 30 out of 33. There is one toilet in economy class on this plane. The inside of the plane looked old and in need of minor repairs to seats and surrounds. Food and drink service was provided once at the beginning of the flight and once toward the end of the flight. Flight attendants were no-where to be seen between those times. (Probably serving in first class). USB ports at each seat, no AC outlet. Small screen on the back of the seat in front of you. A little high for me to comfortably view. But good movie selection. Under-seat storage was good, with no center divider to get in the way. Overhead bins were small, with just enough depth to accommodate a regulation size carry on placed sideways. Although we did get there and back without mishap, it felt like what I imagine it would be like to fly on Spirit Air. We will go out of our way to find an alternative carrier for our next trip to Toronto.
Air Canada’s fleet, including the fleets of subsidiaries Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express, consists of 370 aircraft with 8 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, 13 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, 19 Boeing B777 300ER, 6 Boeing 777/200LR, 34 Boeing 767-300ER, 8 Airbus A330 300, 20 Airbus A321-200, 38 Airbus A319 100, 42 Airbus A320 200 Domestic, 25 Embraer E190, 20 Embraer E175, 16 Bombardier CRJ705, 30 Bombardier CRJ100/200, 42 Dash8 Q400, 26 Bombardier Dash 8-300, 23 Bombardier Dash 8-100.
I am Elite Air Canada member for over 10 years but flying economy in this plane makes me say NEVER again. I strongly advise against anyone choosing this airplane. The new 3-4-4 crammed configuration is horrendous. Too tight. But AC flights are still full.... that's why they cram in so many seats. Disgusted with the configuration. Food - AWFUL. Had a small meal right after take off in FRA and nothing again until 1h from YYZ - and it was a tiny little horrible pie inside a cardboard box. That's it!! Attendants were not exactly friendly. Avoid at all costs!!! 

We were due to sit in 5H&K but on boarding were switched to 1H&K. I had read many poor reviews about this version of the 777. To be honest, it wasn't nearly as bad as led to believe. I'm 5'10" and 180lb so can't speak for others. Seats were firm but comfortable and it was easy to adjust them to find a comfortable position. The cubby hole for feet was decent enough. IFE was quick and responsive. Tray tables quirky and took a bit of working out . Meals and service were very good. Friendly flight attendants. I understand that this seating will be replaced with that used on Air Canada's 787's.